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The Route of the Indianos

Arenys de Mar has been a member of the Network of Indian Municipalities since 2008. We call Indian municipalities all those towns and cities that knew the return of the Indians, those men who achieved great wealth – or more modest fortunes – and returned to Catalonia to show that his American adventure had been a complete success.

Most of these Indian municipalities are located on the coast, but there are also in the interior of Catalonia.

During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, there were many people from Arenys de Mar who marched very young to “make the Americas,” willing to work hard and with the sole objective of making a fortune. They came recommended to meet relatives or acquaintances who opened the doors for them. Many of them were navigators, like members of the Baralt family, founders of the Náutica school, or like Salvador Castelló. Others, like Josep Xifré or Antoni Torrent, were already heading towards the commerce sector. All of them left their mark on distant lands, but also in this town of Arenys, which, thanks to its Indians, has a valuable architectural heritage, part of whose legacy in the municipality.
We propose a route that will take us downhill, from the top of the stream to the sea, to end with a walk through the delicious Sinera cemetery.

You can check the Indianos Route through Arenys de Mar by clicking here.