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Hi! Welcome to Arenys de Mar

After your stay, Arenys de Mar must remain a pleasant, harmonious, welcoming destination, with its own identity and, of course, sustainable. Do you want to help? 

Getting involved with small gestures will make your stay in Arenys de Mar more pleasant, more sustainable and we will make a better world possible. You can help us to preserve the uniqueness of the territory, culture and our identity.

Love our tradition and customs

Find out about our cultural and festive heritage: you can consult heritage resources or the calendar of festivals and traditions at www.visitarenys.com or when you arrive at the Tourist Office, at the Tourist Information Points of the Municipal Library or at the Arenys Museum.

Get to know the municipal services committed to sustainability and the preservation of Arenys de Mar’s heritage:

  • The Arenys de Mar Museum has two facilities linked to the territory and that preserve the natural and intangible heritage of our land, the Museu Marès de la Punta shows one of the most popular crafts in our country, bobbin lace, and the Museu Mollfulleda de Mineralogia is a sample of the natural wealth of our territory. The museum has tours adapted for the visually impaired.
  • Pare Fidel Fita Municipal Library: this is one of the tourist information points in Arenys where you can discover a local collection to get to know our town better, you will have computers and internet connection at your disposal (15 hours per month free of charge). They also offer free information and knowledge for everyone, organise activities that contribute to cohesion, social integration and the dissemination of local heritage.

Be respectful of places of worship: the cemetery and the parish church have an immense heritage value but they are also places of worship, so be respectful and comply with the rules and limitations established.

Take the neighbourhood into account by complying with the civic ordinances:

  • Carry the cats on a leash, rinse their urine with water to avoid bad smell and collect their waste. Make sure that your pet does not cause any nuisance to the neighbours.
  • Alcohol consumption in public streets is not allowed.
  • You may not disturb order in the public thoroughfare with noise, shouting and/or music.
  • No noise or disturbance at home, especially from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. on working days and from 9 p.m. to 10 a.m. on public holidays.
  • Zero tolerance for gender-based aggression.

Take part in selective door-to-door collection (PAP): A large part of Arenys de Mar has a collection service that differs from the traditional container system. Find out if you are in a door-to-door area (old town and housing estates), it is necessary to leave your rubbish in front of your front door or in the spaces set up specifically for the higher blocks (communal bins) on the stipulated days (paper, cardboard, glass, organic and other waste). The timetable for depositing waste, including the containers, is between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. hours.

  • The organic fraction should be left in the bin with a chip and, preferably, in a tightly closed compostable bag.
  • Paper should preferably be left in a cardboard box or in paper bags.
  • Packaging can be left in a tightly closed plastic bag.
  • Glass should continue to be deposited in the green containers installed in the street, without a plastic bag.
  • Nappies and faeces are collected on a daily basis for reasons of hygiene. They should be placed in a bag duly identified with the sticker provided by the City Council.
  • The rest or rejects, i.e. everything that cannot be recycled (such as dust, the rest of a broken plate, intimate hygiene textiles, etc.) should be left in a plastic bag.

Please note that you must follow the following timetable!

Avoid wasting energy and water by using it responsibly:


  • Turn off lights and appliances that do not need to be switched on.
  • Make the most of natural light.
  • Keep doors and windows closed when the air conditioning is on.
  • Make rational use of air conditioning. In summer, set the air conditioning at 25º, that’s enough.


  • Make rational use of water and reuse it if possible.
  • Notify the person in charge of the establishment if you detect leaks, drips or any other anomaly.
  • When programming appliances that use water, do so according to the appropriate washing programme.

Less waste, more recycling. Go shopping with your shopping basket or your reusable plastic or cloth bags. Buy products in bulk and without disposable plastic packaging or wrapping. Also avoid products with packaging made of materials that are very difficult to recycle, such as bricks.

Respect biodiversity: do not take anything from natural areas (no animals, shells, plants, stones, etc.). If you are on the beach and you find jellyfish, do not take them out of the water as they are part of the marine life cycle.

Connect with nature in our closest natural environments:

Beaches: Arenys de Mar has three main beaches:

  • Musclera beach. This beach has parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility and bicycle parking all year round. It has a nudist area.
  • Picòrdia beach. This beach has a year-round sports leisure area (football pitch and volleyball courts), several rest areas (equipped with picnic tables and benches), bicycle parking, parking reserved for people with reduced mobility, information panels, several large children’s games (an elastic pyramid and a pirate ship), workout equipment and litter bins at the perimeter accesses.
  • Cavaió Beach. This beach has a sports area all year round (football pitch and volleyball courts), several rest areas (equipped with picnic tables and benches), bicycle parking, parking reserved for people with reduced mobility, information panels, several large children’s games (an elastic pyramid and a zip line) and litter bins at the perimeter accesses.

When you go to the beaches in Arenys:

  • Throw your rubbish in the bins, you have waste and separate collection bins for paper, glass and packaging at your disposal.
  • Don’t waste water in the footbaths and showers, saving water is everyone’s business.
  • Don’t use soap in the footbaths and showers, this service is designed to rinse off sand and salt before going home, not for personal hygiene.
  • Do not throw cigarette butts on the sand. You will find special ashtrays for the beach at the municipal facilities and aid stations. If you don’t have one, throw them well extinguished in the rubbish bin.
  • You can take your dog to the beach all year round except during the summer season: from 1 June to 15 September, dogs may only be allowed on the town’s beaches from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.
  • Respect the facilities and street furniture on the beaches.
  • Fishing from the ground is not allowed on the entire coastline between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. and from 15 May to 15 September.

Rials: the word “rial” is typical in the Maresme region and in particular in Arenys de Mar. It defines the torrents or streams through which rainwater drains when there are storms. They are natural spaces that bring together a remarkable flora and fauna to be discovered. And they have had an essential social purpose for the town, before as access roads to farming areas (mainly orchards) and now mainly as access roads to inhabited areas and itineraries for discovering nature and sustainable leisure (running, cycling, …). The rials also connect us with neighbouring towns and natural areas of interest in the region.

When you go to the rials of Arenys:

  • Take your rubbish with you, use reusable bottles, etc.
  • If you pick mushrooms, do not spoil the forest by using tools or digging in the earth. Take a basket with you to give the possibility to spread the spores.
  • Respect agricultural activities, as they are the livelihood of many people.
  • Respect nature and the tranquillity of the environment. Avoid unnecessary noise.
  • Plan your route and always carry a map to help you find your way around and a minimum of equipment (suitable clothing and footwear).
  • Always try to walk on clearly marked or signposted paths or trails.
Practice responsible consumption

Taste the local and seasonal gastronomy

  • Fresh fish from the fish market in the port of Arenys: sand eels, squid and prawns are widely recognised and appreciated throughout the area.
  • Local vegetables: consult the products produced and cultivated through the link of the Local Vegetables Network: https://www.ccmaresme.cat/economia-i-treball/productesdelaterra/productes/
  • Coquetes d’Arenys puff pastry with caramelised sugar (in bakeries in Arenys).

Favour the local economy by buying in the shops of Arenys de Mar

  • Buy souvenirs that contribute to the local economy. Go to the Arenys Museum, where they have some very interesting exhibitions to discover or where you can buy bobbin lace souvenirs, or go to the shops of Arenys: https://ubicarenys.cat/
  • Saturday Market: every Saturday morning the Riera is full of stalls selling a wide variety of products, from fruit and vegetables to clothes and household equipment.
  • Municipal Market: Take reusable bags or containers with you when you go shopping, prioritise buying in bulk or avoiding those with excess packaging, prioritise fresh food and your health will thank you! 

Choose companies that are committed to environmental practices and offer sustainable experiences.

Prioritise public transport when you can’t walk or cycle: https://visitarenys.com/com-arribar/

Where to park your car in Arenys de Mar: There are very few free areas to park your car near the town centre, but on the other hand there are private car parks with security at very reasonable prices.